Thursday, 18 April 2013

Meet our New Associate Professional

Phil Krawcuk Bio

Golf has been a part of my life since I can remember. I love golf, the tradition and history of it.
My background and experience is quite diverse, so this is the short picture.
I have just made my way back to Alberta, D’Arcy Ranch Golf Club. Calgary was my home thru the 80s. I graduated from Grant McEwan University 2003 where I studied Golf Management. In Edmonton I worked at some of the top golf facilities (Petroleum Club, The Derek Golf, Winter Club and River Ridge GC).  I Studied music at Mount Royal University in the 70s and music is an important part of my life . I enjoyed much success in that side of my career, performing, producing, owner of Emerald Ridge Studio, The Earth Kings Records and Publishing.
I relocated  in the Vancouver area where I was Director of Golf at Richmond Golf Town; I was one of the busiest teachers in Canada. There I became well acquainted with the use of today’s modern technical tools, with the use of video analysis, ball fitting, launch monitors and flight simulators. Very useful tools and a must to understand completely the golf swing, launch angle, club path, ball spin rates and all of that information paints the picture. This is my area of expertise. I have taken teaching very seriously over my years as a Class “A” member of the PGA of Canada. I was a facilitator of the CPGA for some years. I was involved with the Teaching Coaching Certification Program (TCCP) that is designed to motivate our up and coming Professionals. Currently I mark and assess the assignments handed in for the TCCP. This allows me to stay on top of what’s new and knowledgeable on all aspects of the golf swing and game.
My energy and passion for the game of golf can’t be overstated. I also have won CPGA events.
Through my years of experience I am well acquainted with managing, organizing and running all areas of golf operations
I enjoy selling and always make a point of knowing my product. I am willing and always excited to share what I know with whoever is willing to ask.
My career to this point has involved working in many areas of Canada, the USA and Europe. Last season the opportunity to run the North Shore Golf Club, which I grew up at and my father was one of the founding members, presented itself and allowed me to move back home to Northern Ontario. I enjoyed being around  old friends and family.

Finally, please feel free to say hi and introduce yourself to me. I will do my best to get to know everyone and help with your golfing needs.

Thanks for reading.

Phil Krawczuk
PGA of Canada Class “A”
Associate Golf professionAL

Thursday, 4 April 2013

Practice Putting Green with the tarp off

This picture was taken April 1st just after the tarp came off.  It is the practice green by the first tee.  Amazing how green the grass looks!  Looking forward to hopefully opening Friday, April 19th.  We will keep you posted on our facebook and twitter.  Pray for nice weather.